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What We Do

Digital Design Hut is brought to you by Lawyers Online. We are a company based in the West Midlands that specialise in building bespoke websites at affordable prices. Nothing is too big or too small, from a single page website to a customer management system, we can cater for your needs.

We have been producing websites for clients in Midlands and the rest of the UK for nearly 20 years. Having grown with the technologies the web has to offer, we have developed an excellent understanding of how best to create your website.

Responsive Design

All websites we create are responsive, meaning the website scales and adapts its appearance to suit the screen showing it. In todays age where a third of all web pages are served to mobile devices, it has never been more important to make sure your website looks great on any platform.

There are many sites that exist on the Internet that are not mobile friendly, making it difficult for users to navigate and and putting them off going past the first page. Our websites will make sure users on all devices can easily navigate your website, whilst the design is not compromised.

Responsive website on a variety of devices.

Saves Money

Increases Performance

Saves Time

Wider Browser Support

How We Are Different

There are now lots of companies that offer website design services, many are now including it as part of a marketing package. The main problem with these types of services are that they don't spend much time and effort developing your website, in an effort to get it finished quickly. This leads to unexpected problems between different browsers, bad performance and potential security problems.

At Digital Design Hut we focus on building your website from the ground up, not relying on any third party content management systems where security can be compromised. This ensures the website performance is maximised, resulting in reduced load times for end users. We also spend time making sure the website operates correctly on different browsers and devices, ensuring no problems arise once the website is launched.

We will go the extra mile for your website, making sure it's the best it can be. Our aim is to build websites that people love to visit and browse. Feel free to Contact us and let's build something amazing.

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