Bespoke Web Applications

made to measure

Management Systems

Bespoke management systems can be built to cater for your needs. Digital Design Hut is experienced in developing various management systems. Systems can be made to manage users, publish your own content and anything else your business requires. Administrative areas can be developed to match your workflow. Built with security in mind, your website is secure from hacks and attacks, keeping your data safe.

Unlike third party management systems, the sites we produce are lightweight and high performing, as well as not being susceptible to exploits in the framework or plugins.

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Websites can be build to include bespoke shopping cart systems for users to be able to purchase from your site. Using a variety of payment options you will be able to safely and securely receive funds from customers. A wide array of currencies can be made available to use on your site.

As websites produced by digital design hut don't depend on any third party frameworks, websites are always feature high performance and security.

Systems can be made so you are in complete control of items available to purchase, order management, discount codes, promotions and more. With experience in developing successful eCommerce sites, Digital Design Hut can help boost your businesses sales.

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Group of servers.


Digital Design Hut offers both shared and private hosting solutions. Enter the cloud with your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) with an environment that you control, along with all the advantages of a dedicated server. A wide range of shared hosting options is available, including optimised servers for popular services such as Wordpress and Joomla. We can also provide bespoke managed webservers for more specialised requirements.

All our hosting packages are complete solutions for your web presence. Domain, web hosting and email management removing the expense and complication of owning and maintaining your own email or web servers.

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