Responsive Modern Websites

designs that look great on all devices


Digital Design Hut designs websites to standout form the competition and engage the user. Built to be compatible with both new and old browsers, your website will look great on all platforms. Designs can range from single page brochure sites to expansive systems, to best suite your business.

Using the latest technologies, websites are designed be engaging for visitors with your design requirements in mind. A timeless design from digital design hut will ensure that your site still looks good in the future.

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Access international markets by embracing localization. If required websites can be made to cross language barriers by being multilingual, or be tailored to per country basis. Elements of the site such as date, currency, telephone can be converted to the visitors local format. The layout of the site can be altered where needed, such as when right-to-left languages are needed. Styled interactive maps can be embedded for your local audience.


Having a responsive website enables users to view your website on a wider range of devices, increasing the possible audience of the site. Websites can seamlessly respond to the size of the users phone, tablet or computer to give them the best browsing experience. Sites can be developed to have the look and feel of a native app while browsing on a phone or tablet, but behave as typical website on a larger screen.

Non-responsive sites can have distorted layouts and hard-to-read text when viewed on screens it wasn't specifically designed for. Similarly, sites that depend on the user hovering over elements on the page won't work on touch screen devices as there is no mouse to hover with, which can leave some sites completely unusable.


Adding a social presence to your website can help users engage with your site. Allowing users to interact with your business is a great way to generate a buzz about your service, product or brand.

Including social media links to your site can increase traffic and improve search engine rankings. News feeds from your businesses social profiles can be embedded into the site, enabling content you publish on social media platforms to appear on your site. Having social networks integrated into your website is key to having a successful online presence.

Search Engine Optimised

Using search engine optimisation techniques to build your website has many benefits, such as higher search engine rankings, greater site traffic and increased brand visibility. You can also monitor web traffic such as page views, visitor location and referrers using embedded analytics. SEO is just as important as a good design to ensure people can find your site when browsing the web.

Digital Design Hut websites are search engine optimised to increase your websites traffic and get best possible page ranking in search results. Using SEO is crucial to effectively reaching your target audience and standing out from competitors.